Thursday, January 12, 2017


Boasters League round 2~
The New Year hangover seems to be lingering as players still haven’t found their stride. The way things are trending after 2 rounds of the league, we’ll have a very low percentage of matches completed compared to the first half. Just to give you an idea, The Nicker Ballers are leading the ‘sluggish’ charge with 49 points which would have been good for just 5th place after 2 rounds in the first half. I’m sure things will pick up significantly as everyone will want to sharpen up their skills for the upcoming Classic, Farris Cup, and Club Championships, but that moment couldn’t come too soon.

Biggest point getter this week was Vivio’s with 30 which moved them from 8th to 3rd… sounds like a huge move but in reality they were only 5 points off 3rd anyway. Six of the teams picked up at least 24 points for the week, so there wasn’t any significant shaking up of the standings. Wardogs have given themselves an uphill battle early picking up only 7 points and Mongoose didn’t help their status either even though they had the bye week and managed only 1 point in makeup matches.

A couple individual on court results were rather eye-brow raising this week. It shows that just because someone is ranked higher than you, the result is not a foregone conclusion. In one of the biggest upsets of the season, Fred Fordon (Nick at Night) shocked the squash community with a 2-1 win over Jed Elley (Vivio’s). Two of those games were 15-14 I believe, and from the few rallies I witnessed of the match, Fred really, really worked hard for that win! Jed is ranked 120 points higher than Fred and it was Jed’s first loss since the club championship final last May.

Another ‘major’ upset of the week was Sante Fratarcangeli (Butter Nutz) taking down Robin Basil (Winky-Dinks) 2-1. Robin is (was) over 200 points higher on the ranking, so it does prove to all of us that anything can (and clearly) does happen. It’s why you play! But that wasn’t the biggest upset either. That honor goes to Ryan MacVoy (Vivio’s). He made a statement winning 2-1 over John Roarty (Nick at Night) - the difference in their rankings is (was) over 300 points! Sporty HQ still hasn’t calculated the new rankings of these as of this morning, it’s probably not used to dealing with such unpredictable results!

Round 3 see the Vivio’s with the bye so their short-lived momentum will come to an abrupt halt. There are a ton of makeup matches to be done already, there are still a ton of players that haven’t even picked up any points at all yet, but there isn’t a ton of time to waste. Courts need filling and games need playing, and matches need winning. Go.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Boasters League round 1~~

On probably one of the quietest boasters league evenings we have seen for a many a season, the 2017 hangover seems to be continuing all week. The courts have been eerily uninhabited compared to what we are used to seeing, it appears the haze lifts this coming Saturday when the courts are jammed from 8.30am onwards when reality hits and people realize there is still half a season left!

There is a new captain in town as well, as John Mann has bravely taken over the reins for the Space Geckos team while our good friend Josh Slominski is taking a rest. John has stepped into his new role with all the gusto you’d expect already “threatening” his players with expulsion for future lack luster performances. I can’t say his fear-mongering tactic isn’t working, the Space Geckos picked up a round one best 14 bonus points. The three that didn’t show are probably in hiding and a “Mann – hunt” is underway… (collective groan!)

We’ll start off this week’s individual performances with Colin Bayer of the aforementioned Space Geckos. Maybe it was the pressure of having his new captain sitting courtside and monitoring his every step and swing, maybe it was the distraction of a couple of young ladies on the stepper machines, or maybe it was his sweat on his glasses, but witnessing him lose the last rally of the first game (at 14-all) by having the ball smack in in the forehead squarely between the eyes was one I wish we had on video and something that I simply couldn’t pass up mentioning. Beneficiary of this unfortunate incident was Paul Ward (Wardogs), who, by the way, won the match 2-1.

Other impressive, but not so theatrical results… Robert Welch (Wardogs) can breathe a little easier today knowing that he isn’t as far out of his depths as he thought he was going to be after I moved him up 2 spots from the first half. He won yesterday 2-1 over Andrew Walawender (Space Geckos), two of those games were 15-14. Going a step better, Jordan Dean (Wardogs) also managed to win 2-1 yesterday and I moved him up three spots! Marc Toapcio (Foss Nation) chalked up a notable win taking Zac MacVoy (Butter Nutz) 2-1, and Blake Ellis (Winky-Dinks) fell over the line (almost literally) with a 2-1 victory over Andy Adamo (Nicker Ballers), both players heaving and keeling over, grateful there wasn’t a fourth game to contend with. The Holiday season can be cruel to some.

We sputtered out of the gates for the new year, so we better get with the program sooner rather than later. There is plenty of squash to be played, so let’s get to it!

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